Euro-Inf® Quality Label and EQANIE

On 13 April 2011, ASIIN was the first accreditation agency to be authorised to award the Euro-Inf® quality seal to Bachelor and Master degree programmes in the field of Informatics, on behalf of the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education (EQANIE).

Goal of this quality seal is to

  • increase quality and transparency of study programmes in Informatics
  • simplify mutual recognition of academic degrees
  • improve mobility of students and graduates
  • make available reliable information on study programmes in Europe through a seal for accredited informatics study programmes

EQANIE authorising ASIIN attests to a learning outcomes oriented quality audit for Informatics study programmes. This contributes to realising a unified European higher education area and it takes into account the high value of subject-specific quality assurance in the European higher education area.

With the Euro-Inf® Label, higher education institution can demonstrate that their study programmes comply with internationally recognised standards of Informatics education and thus allow for mobility of their students and graduates.

Your path to the Euro-Inf® Label

It is now possible for higher education institutions to acquire the additional Euro-Inf® Label as part of their accreditation procedure and position themselves accordingly. A requirement for applying for the Euro-Inf® Label is the leading support by the ASIIN technical committee for Informatics. It is also possible for higher education institutions that have already been accredited by ASIIN (after 9 December 2010) to request the label additionally. The fee for awarding the Euro-Inf® Label is € 300 (excluding VAT) per study programme. This fee is payable to EQANIE.

We gladly assist you with the application for this seal. Your ASIIN contact person is:

Dr. Martin Foerster, ASIIN International Office (E-Mail:; Telephone: +49 (0)211 900977 22)