EUR-ACE®-Label and ENAEE

ASIIN is a founding member of the European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) carried by central institutions and organisations dealing with the education of engineers across Europe.

The goal of ENAEE, founded in 2006, is the promotion of mobility of graduates from study programmes in engineering through a mutual recognition of the accreditation decisions issued within a European accreditation association.

ENAEE is the body responsible for a subject-related quality seal for study programmes in engineering, the EUR-ACE® label, which supports:

  • The establishment of an appropriate, Europe-wide uniform term for the graduates in engineering – as a European “brand label” – thereby differentiating between the first and second study cycle
  • The improvement of the quality of engineering study programmes
  • The recognition by the responsible institutions in accordance with the relevant EU guidelines
  • The promotion of the agreement on mutual recognition
  • The promotion of student mobility

The Fédération Européenne d’Association Nationales d’Ingénieurs (FEANI) usually recognises the EUR-ACE® label as a prerequisite for the acceptance of a study programme into the so-called FEANI Index.

As of 17 November 2006, ASIIN is authorised to award the EUR-ACE® label for engineering study programmes in addition to the ASIIN seal, provided that the requirements are fulfilled.

You can find an overview of all EUR-ACE®Labels awarded globally in a concise database on the ENAEE website.

Your Path to the EUR-ACE® Label

If you are interested in a EUR-ACE® accreditation, please specify so in your accreditation request or contact our programme managers. For background information, please refer to the website of ENAEE.

Information on ENAEE

... Can be found on their website