Quality Seals

Program accreditation procedure for the acquisition of the ASIIN seal and the following international quality labels

The ASIIN seal confirms that a course of study meets the high-level requirements of science and professional practice of the involved disciplines. At the same time, it documents that secure framework conditions for good teaching and successful learning are in place. The award of the seal is based on recognized learning outcome-oriented professional standards in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework and the "European Standards and Guidelines".

The ASIIN seal for study programmes is available for programmes in engineering and natural sciences, computer science, mathematics, medicine and economics as well as their interdisciplinary forms. It focuses on learning outcomes and takes into account the relevance of academic education for the professional world. The seal can be awarded to courses of study in the above-mentioned subject areas worldwide.

European labels

In an ASIIN programme accreditation procedure, it is possible to acquire well-established international quality seals ("labels") for selected subjects in addition to the ASIIN seal.

ASIIN is authorized to award the following professional quality seals:

These international subject-specific labels can only be applied for together with the agency's own ASIIN seal for study programs. The respective requirements are explained in the relevant ASIIN subject-specific criteria (SSC).

Study programs at system-accredited universities in Germany are also eligible for the ASIIN seal and the European labels. Depending on the information available from the university's internal accreditation procedure for the study program, an individually tailored and simplified procedure can be carried out.