Our Commitment

ASIIN’s active membership organisations, its honorary experts as well as its main staff all share this commitment:

High quality in academic education is the foundation for sustainable development in modern societies.

ASIIN views “education” as a development and learning process to obtain diverse competences as well as its outcome. The educational outcome supports successful development of a personal, social and professional life.

Our Goals

ASIIN pursues the following national and international objectives:

  • to secure and strengthen the quality of higher education
  • to establish transparency about achieved quality in higher education to promote academic and professional mobility

Our Path

ASIIN achieves these objectives:

  • as a service provider for educational institutions and systems of higher and further education nationally as well as internationally
  • especially through accreditation and certification, evaluations, consulting as well as training in quality and organisational development
  • through the (honorary) contribution of external experts from science and industry in our non-profit activities