The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN e.V.) is a non-profit association founded in July 1999. Since then it has provided expert support to German and international universities in the implementation of accreditation procedures on the programme and institutional level. It is a leader nationally and internationally in the accreditation of programmes in engineering, the natural sciences, mathematics, computer sciences as well as in medicine and economics.

ASIIN is supported by an alliance encompassing universities, faculty associations, technical and scientific societies, professional organisations and business associations that are jointly committed to quality development in higher education. The ASIIN Industry Advisory Board supports the formulation of the requirements of professional practice for a modern university education.

Within ASIIN, universities and the business communities work together on an equal footing to develop internationally recognized quality standards; our subject-specific criteria are continuously developed and internationally coordinated in strategic partnership with university faculty associations. ASIIN thereby makes a decisive contribution to ensuring high educational standards and market transparency, while facilitating academic and professional mobility both nationally and internationally.

ASIIN Consult GmbH was founded in 2007 and is 100% owned by ASIIN e.V. It is integrated into the overall ASIIN organization and builds on its experience and expertise. ASIIN Consult complements the range of services of the association by certifying institutions and continuous education programmes, conducting evaluations, providing consulting services to universities, quality assurance agencies and ministries as well as offering workshops and organizing conferences. Furthermore, it is involved in the development of universities and educational systems worldwide.