Members of ASIIN e.V.

ASIIN e.V. is a non-profit, member-supported association with 4 equal member groups. Its members include faculties and universities, faculty associations and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences in the German Rectors’ Conference, technical and scientific associations, professional organisations and trade associations.

In its quality assurance procedures, ASIIN focuses on engineering, natural and economic sciences, computer science, mathematics and medicine. This focus is also reflected in its members.

An introduction of the members can be found here:

Group of Universities and Faculty Conferences

Group of Universities of Applied Sciences and Faculty Departments

Group of Technical and Scientific Associations and Professional Organisations

Group of Business Associations and Companies as well as Umbrella Organizations of the Social Partners

The tasks of the Members’ Meeting include:

  • Formal confirmation of board members.
  • Approval of the budget for the next financial year presented by the board.
  • Acceptance of the annual report of the board.
  • Discharge of the board of directors.
  • Determination of the amount and due date of the annual fees and apportionments. Notwithstanding § 6 No. 1, each paying member has one vote when voting on these matters.
  • Resolutions on amendments to the statutes and dissolution of the association.
  • Resolutions on important issues affecting the association, such as the limitation or expansion of the association's activities.
  • Resolutions on rules of procedure.

Organisations falling into one of the four groups mentioned above can apply for ASIIN membership. It is not possible for individuals to become members. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Christin Habermann.