Quality Seal

Institutional accreditation procedures using the ASIIN maturity model

"The ASIIN system seal certifies that a university guarantees the institutional, procedural and cultural framework conditions for good teaching and successful learning."

Our approach is based on a maturity model for educational institutions, which can be used for institutional accreditation as well as for evaluation and auditing without the award of the seal. The model permits a comprehensive description of the state of development of the educational institution’s quality management system.

In the course of the procedure, the client receives an expert opinion that shows where there is potential for improvement ("gaps") between the current state and a higher system maturity level. Each individual criterion is assigned a degree of maturity during the course of the procedure. At the end of the procedure the educational institution has an overview of its status which also allows benchmarking with other certified institutions. The report summary can appear as follows:

Based on these assessments, the quality management system can be further developed in a targeted manner - regardless of whether the overall level of maturity is already sufficient for the awarding of a seal.

The system seal of the ASIIN is an international offer which is independent of national guidelines.

On request, the system seal can also be awarded to German universities - possibly in coordination with other system- and program accreditation procedures – so that they may use the knowledge gained from this approach for further internal development.