Quality Criteria for Accreditation of Systems and Institutions

The award of the ASIIN seal for institutional accreditation for educational institutions or their quality management systems is based on defined quality criteria that are leading evaluation standards in the accreditation procedure.

All ASIIN criteria are subject to critical revision on a regular basis and are adapted to current developments and findings from accreditation practice. The version effective at the time of the beginning of the accreditation procedure – which is the signing of the contract for the procedure – is always the version to be applied.

Guide to our Principles, Procedural Regulations and Definitions

For all of ASIIN’s offered accreditation procedures, we have summarised the collective principles of our work, the general procedural regulations and the definitions in one main guide:

Criteria for the Institutional Accreditation

The principles, criteria and procedure towards obtaining the ASIIN Seal for Institutional Accreditation are described here:

0.4 Criteria for the Accreditation of Quality Managements in Teaching and Learning – ASIIN Institutional Accreditation Seal