Certification for the acquisition of the ASIIN further education certificate (for certificate courses, training courses, further education courses or individual modules)

Certification of continuing education courses, modules and training courses

In a rapidly changing educational landscape, programs that no longer follow the traditional structure of Bachelor and master programs are becoming increasingly important. Further education and life-long learning is offered by universities as well as private companies.

Why an ASIIN certification?

With an ASIIN certification of your further education and other courses, modules and training programmes, you signal to your (potential) customers, students and employers that your offer has been examined with regards to organization, didactics and contents by experienced academic and professional representatives of the respective subject areas. In addition, ASIIN’s reputation for quality assurance and professional expertise makes it easier for your participants to have the competences and academic credits acquired in your course recognized or credited when they subsequently apply to other educational institutions. We offer our certifications especially for (further) education courses in the STEM disciplines, in economics and medicine as well as the various combinations of these subjects. You can also acquire certifications of courses, modules and training courses parallel to programme or system accreditation, thus minimizing costs.

Interested? We look forward to receiving your request informally or via our Request Form and to preparing an offer adapted to your needs. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The certification: ASIIN seal for courses, modules and training

With an ASIIN seal for courses, modules and training courses at EQF levels 5 to 8, independent confirmation is provided,

  • that in a course, module or training course the goals and learning outcomes aimed at by the provider can be achieved with the help of the content, resources and structures provided and thus the desired competence profile can be achieved;
  • at which level of the national or European Qualifications Framework these competences can be classified.

The certificate can be applied for by all types of educational institutions that offer (further) education courses related to computer science, technical and natural sciences, business administration or medicine. For universities, it offers a supplementary external quality assessment for their courses of study that are in addition to the traditional courses of study.

In addition to the verification of the award of the quality certificate, the procedure can also include a comparison with external reference sources, e.g. the European Qualifications Framework, national qualifications frameworks or professional standards. We will determine this additional examination together with you in the course of the conclusion of the contract.

The certification described here refers to:

  • a course of study, i.e. an educational program consisting of several teaching units/modules that does not lead to an academic degree as defined by the European Qualifications Framework at levels six and seven (Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma program) or
  • individual independent courses / modules or module groups. These can also be part of a course or other educational offerings (e.g. also a degree program), but are subject to external quality assurance as individual modules.


In the certification of training programs we adapt to the individual needs of our customers. The process from inquiry to decision usually takes a maximum of 16 weeks. Procedures are largely based on the structure of the program accreditation procedures, but in the case of certification of individual courses or modules, these can also be carried out in a simplified procedure as a desktop-review with online discussions. The ASIIN Consult team are happy to support our customers in developing a procedure tailored to their needs. In general, a certification procedure follows the following sequence: