Expert Panels in ASIIN Accreditation and Certification

Decisions in accreditation and certification are exclusively made by the respective ASIIN expert panels.

These panels consist of honorary experts from education, science as well as from the industry. The panel members have been assigned personally and will vote according to their personal opinion. They represent the essential stakeholders in higher education: students, professors as well as the industry from both the employee’s and the employer’s side.

Accreditation Commissions

ASIIN has two commissions as the highest decision-making bodies within the agency:

  • The Programme Accreditation Commission for all procedures and quality seals for programme accreditation and certification for degree programmes. This commission represents the so-called subject-specific accreditation within ASIIN. It is specialised in the areas of engineering and Natural Sciences and all their interdisciplinary combinations, including Business and Economics.
  • The Quality Management System Accreditation Commission for all procedures and seals for institutional or system accreditation. This commission has the system expertise of ASIIN and applies the basic requirements of academic learning and teaching in a general and subject-independent manner.

Certification Commission

The Certification Commission makes final decisions on all procedures regarding certification of modules and courses.

Technical Committees

For the support and preparation of accreditations or certifications for programmes, the Programme Accreditation Commission has established Technical Committees. They prepare the decisions for the Accreditation Commission, they can oversee the presented applications of a certain subject area and they are able to ensure equal treatment from a subject-specific point of view.

A total of 14 Technical Committees are active in accreditation of programmes or the subject-specific accreditations for ASIIN. They cover the subject areas of Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Informatics/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Geodesy, Architecture, Physical Technology, Materials and Processes, Engineering and Management, Economics, Business Informatics, Agriculture, Nutritional Science, Natural Science, Life Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Complaints Committee

Every applicant who thinks he has been wrongfully judged by the respective ASIIN commission in accreditation or certification for an ASIIN quality seal, has the right to file a complaint. If the responsible decision body does not agree with the complaint, the case will be presented to an independent ASIIN Complaints Committee. More information on the complaints procedure and the decision options can be found here.

Ethics Advisory Board

To serve as a forum for ethical questions that arise within ASIIN accreditation or certification procedures, the two Accreditation Commissions can request support of the Ethics Advisory Board. In this committee, arising questions or positions of ethics from all bodies of ASIIN – from the main office to auditors – are collected, structured and discussed. The issues will receive comments and recommendations so that the respective bodies or the office can take measures or make policy decisions that determine the further course of action for the agency.