Workshops & Trainings

The German Quality Assurance Agency ASIIN is now offering workshops on a wide range of topics in the fields of communication, management, and higher education. We are collaborating with excellent speakers in order to provide you with expertise knowledge in diverse focus areas related to quality assurance and higher education in general.

As a quality assurance agency, we know what makes a great workshop. We are glad that we are now able to offer you a range of professional trainings that help you enhance your competences and expand your knowledge.

ASIIN – Get Ready for International Accreditation

The German Quality Assurance Agency ASIIN is now offering individually tailored workshops for University Quality Assurance staff to get ready for their institutions’ international accreditation procedures.

Become a Certified Expert in External Quality Assurance

The German Quality Assurance Agency ASIIN is now offering a professional training course for international stakeholders to become Certified Experts in External Quality Assurance.
In our 3-day online training course, you will be acquainted with international standards and criteria in higher education accreditation and quality assurance.

Intercultural Competence

Understanding each other’s cultural imprint and developing cross-cultural skills are essential for managing the collaboration in teams. By training your intercultural competence, this workshop prepares you for the challenges of a global environment in business and education.

Strategisches Hochschulmanagement

Im Fokus des Workshops stehen das strategische Management von Hochschulen und die Weiterentwicklung von Lehre und Studium. Thematische Schwerpunkte sind die Leitbild-(Strategie)-Entwicklung im Hochschulbereich, die Umsetzung dessen in den Studiengängen und dem Qualitätsmanagementsystem und der Umgang mit föderalen Rahmenbedingungen.