ASIIN consists of a number of committees that are staffed exclusively by honorary members. More than 200 experts from science and professional practice support the office with their professional expertise. All ASIIN committees are composed of representatives of universities, universities of applied sciences and professional practice on a tripartite basis. The audit teams or expert groups for all procedures are formed on a case-by-case basis. The composition of a team is decided by the respective ASIIN expert committee. The technical fit of a team and the involvement of different stakeholders, including students, professors and professional practice are decisive. In order to staff its pool of experts and committees, ASIIN examines proposals from member organisations and third-party organisations in Germany and Europe - for example, from faculty associations, professional societies or trade associations. To fill student representative positions, proposals from the student accreditation pool in Germany or the ESU (European Students' Union), as well as from the respective national student associations in a country are taken into consideration.