Templates for Panel Members and Auditors

Presentation Forms

The candidates for panel work at ASIIN are kindly asked to submit the template of a so-called presentation form. This serves for us to receive your personal consent for the recommendation of a relevant organisation on the one hand, and to have the essential information in comparable and clear format for the decision-making panels on the other. Personal details will naturally be treated confidentially.

Cost Reimbursement

ASIIN will cover travel and accommodation expenses incurred by honorary panel members when working for the agency. In addition, auditors being part of an accreditation procedure will receive an allowance for their work.

Agreements and Explanations

The various procedures of accreditation, certification and evaluation involve making agreements with auditors that include, among others, the necessary declarations of confidentiality and impartiality.

The most up-to-date version of these templates will be sent to you in your capacity as auditor for each assignment by the procedure manager.