The ASIIN Expert Base

Panel Participation

As an honorary member of a permanent ASIIN panel, you will be appointed for an individually determined period of time. The statutes provide that you operate in the panels based on your personal experience and expertise. In this, you will not be bound by instructions from your sending organisation.

Pool of Auditors

The honorary members of the Audit Teams, i.e. auditors, are nominated on a case-by-case basis for the procedures in accreditation and certifications, as well as in evaluations.

The selection of a team takes place for each individual procedure and is done by the responsible ASIIN subject panel from a pool of auditors. Critical for this selection is the subject-specific suitability of the team, the balance of various perspective between stakeholders such as students, professors as well as professional practitioners and of course their availability as auditor.

How to become an Honorary Panel Member or Auditor?

As a basic rule, ASIIN refers to recommendations from member organisations and third party organisations in Germany and Europe when accepting new members into the ASIIN auditor pool and into the expert panels (e.g. recommendations from faculty associations or subject area associations, expert associations, professional organisations, trade associations and umbrella organisations of social partners).

Individual applications are usually not taken into consideration. For positions of student representatives, ASIIN refers to recommendations from the German student accreditation pool, the ESU (European Student Union) as well as to relevant national student associations in a specific country.

The generally needed documents for working as a panel member or as an auditor can be found under Documents.