Conducting Procedures for Third Parties

We also make the expertise of our procedure manager available to owners of a seal that do not have their own or limited structure to conduct an accreditation or certification procedure, or to those who choose to delegate the organisation of the procedure.

The Service of Conducting a Procedure

In those cases, where ASIIN supports the execution of an accreditation or certification procedure for third parties, the certificates in question, the decision regarding their award, the standards to be fulfilled as well as the design of the procedure is the task of the relevant seal owner that hires us to support the procedure. ASIIN has no influence on the design of the standards and procedural requirements or on the decision of awarding the seal.
Our services during the procedure are documented in detail in a service agreement with the relevant client. They may include:

  • Secretarial work during the procedure regarding information dissemination, organisation and logistics
  • Supporting communication with auditors and coordinating audit teams
  • Advising audit teams during the procedure, or audits and documentation of the results, reporting
  • Preparing files for the client’s expert panels

EQAS Food Award

For the so-called European Quality Accreditation System for Food Studies (EQAS Food) of the ISEKI Food Association, we provide procedural execution services for certification of degree programmes and educational services in the area of food science and food technology.

The relevant seal, various standards and procedural requirements are the sole property of the ISEKI Food Association and are therefore outside the scope of influence of ASIIN. This also applies to the decision on awarding the seal (EQAS Food Award).