Criteria – Type 1 (ESG)

Criteria for Type 1 Evaluations: Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning According to ESG

For this type of evaluation, we normally use the respective criteria of ASIIN as a benchmark. These are also based on accreditation or certification of educational programmes (degree programmes, modules or courses) or educational institutions. The procedural principles in these criteria documents are also used, if applicable to the evaluation.

The relevant sets of criteria, that can also be used as the basis for the Type 1 evaluations, are:

Moreover, we gladly examine if there is a possibility to design a Type 1 evaluation for your range of degree programmes or your institution based on a set of criteria of a third party, e.g. a state-owned or international institution.

The main difference between and evaluation and accreditation or certification procedures, is the fact that there will be no seal awarded. Such an evaluation is concluded by a report which states to what extent experts judge the fulfilment of the set of criteria, where the weaknesses are and where the potential improvements are.

In the specific offer for your evaluation request, we will describe which available evaluation criteria will be used and which procedural steps are anticipated.

Type 1 Evaluations are Subject to the ESG

For Type 1 evaluations, we will design the procedure so that the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) for quality assurance are covered. This also includes publishing the evaluation report in these cases.

However, only evaluations that concern the range of academic programmes or higher education institutions fall under the ESG approach. All other evaluation projects – even when they follow externally prescribed criteria catalogues – are categorised under Type 2 evaluations.