Evaluation Subjects: What do we Evaluate?

We offer an evaluation for the following subjects:

  • Structures – e.g. institutions, their quality management systems, their management and strategy approaches with a focus on educational and scientific institutions
  • Processes – e.g. processes in educational and scientific institutions, their service performance in teaching and learning, research and management
  • Educational Programmes – e.g. (degree) programmes, modules and curses in Further Education
  • Projects and Advanced Programmes with regard to Education and Science

Customised evaluations (Type 2) are offered for each of the subjects as described above.

Type 1 evaluations based on the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the Higher Education Area (ESG) are relevant to the range of academic programmes and institutional evaluations for higher education institutions, because the ESG are related to the quality of higher education.

Clarifying the exact scope and from which perspective the evaluation is to take place, is the first step of our contract discussion with you.