Our Evaluation Offer

The ASIIN evaluation offer is part of the service area of quality development and is integrated within ASIIN Consult GmbH. And this is how we view evaluation: as a contribution to further development of the evaluated subject towards the situation aimed for.

We divided evaluations in our portfolio into two fundamental types:

Evaluations for Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement for Teaching and Learning according to ESG (Type 1)

These evaluations are standardised and refer to either individual, academic programmes or to institutions.

Type 1 evaluations take into account the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) for the higher education area and are thus part of EQAR’s (European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education) area of supervision.

The focus of Type 1 evaluations is on external quality assurance. They allow for a comparison with other, similar subjects and include the alignment with externally defined quality criteria.

This is the reason that elements of the procedure and audit criteria can only be influenced minimally by the client: by selecting this type of evaluation and certain externally defined quality criteria as audit parameter, the next steps are fixed and the ESG must be illustrated in the procedure. This can be done, for instance, with regard to publishing evaluation reports or involving stakeholders.

Evaluations for Quality Development and Organisational Development (Type 2)

The Type 2 evaluations are customised according to the needs of the client. They are for the purpose of quality and organisational development.

Type 2 evaluations focus on advice, development, optimisation, design and/or results and analysis of the effectiveness of the selected subject or evaluation.

For this Type, the evaluation criteria and instruments are also chosen together with the client. They are optimally tailored for the goal of the project.

The use of the results of this type of evaluation – and thus the evaluation report – is solely the decision of the client. The results may for instance be used for strategic directions, internal discussions and the further development of the evaluated subject.

Principles & Standards, Subjects and Instruments of an ASIIN Evaluation

The following pages will provide information on the principles & standards, subjects and instruments of an ASIIN evaluation.