Types of Procedures in Accreditation and Certification

ASIIN is principally dedicated to achieving the highest possible efficiency in its procedures. In all areas, only the necessary effort is to be invested. Every quality seal that we offer always involves a preliminary examination procedure with certain elements. At the same time there is room to shape the procedure in an efficient manner.

Types of Procedures in Certification of Modules and Courses

The certification of modules and courses can be organised in two ways:

  • Individual Procedure: the procedure is conducted for a singular further education module or course.
  • Cluster Procedure: more efficient and the norm is a procedure for a cluster of (subject-related) modules or courses that will be evaluated by the audit team in one round. The decision for the award to the certificate however, will be decided for each module and course separately.

Details of the Procedure can be found in our Guides

There are detailed procedural specifications and a description of execution for each quality seal offered by ASIIN. These are documented in the applicable guide for each seal:

  • Criteria and Procedures for the ASIIN Seal for Further Education – Modules and Courses