Outline of a Certification Procedure in Further Education

Certification Procedure

The process of a certification procedure is divided into three phases:

1. Preparation (application and offer)

Applicant An application is sent to the ASIIN office. The applicant is asked, for instance, to submit suggestions for the auditors’ subject-areas.
ASIIN Reviewing the application to determine the number of auditors needed.

Based on this, the office prepares an offer for the certification procedure.
Accepting the offer for certification by the applicant’s commitment to assume the costs or – if so desired – signing a specific contract by both parties.

2. Certification Application (Self-Evaluation including Documents) and Audit

Applicant Submitting the certification application to the ASIIN office, consisting of a Self-Evaluation including documents regarding the fulfilment of the requirements.
Formal preliminary examination of the applicant’s documents by the ASIIN office for completeness and traceability. ASIIN offers a meeting at its office to discuss the results of the preliminary examination. Alternatively, it is possible to receive the results in writing.
ASIIN assembles an audit team.
The audit team conducts the site-visit at the applying institution, which generally takes 1.5 days or 2 or more during cluster procedures. One auditor will assume the role of speaker for the team.
ASIIN The certification report (auditors’ version after the site-visit) is sent to the applicant, to be checked for factual mistakes and for a statement.
Applicant The applicant makes a statement and possible corrections and additions to prepare the final certification report.

3. Decision

ASIIN Final evaluation by the auditors with a recommendation on the decision.

Decision on the certification by the ASIIN Certification Commission.

Communicating the decision to the applicant.

Delivery of the certification report (final version) to the applicant. Delivery of the Certificate. Publication of the summary and the certification report on the website according to ESG requirements.


How to handle possible recommendations or requirements resulting from a certification procedure as well as substantial changes to the audited subject during the term of a quality seal, is described in detail in the relevant guide on criteria and procedural principles of a seal.

We would also gladly answer all your questions about the procedure in a personal meeting!