Types of Procedures in Accreditation and Certification

ASIIN is principally dedicated to achieving the highest possible efficiency in its procedures. In all areas, only the necessary effort is to be invested. Every quality seal that we offer always involves an audit procedure with certain elements. At the same time there is room to shape the procedure in an efficient manner.

Types of Procedures in Accreditation of Institutions and their Quality Management Systems

The procedure for an external quality audit of entire institutions or their quality management systems, involves reviewing an extensive subject. To respect this complexity, the choice of types of procedures is limited:

  • Individual procedure: this is the norm. The procedure is carried out for a single institution or its quality management system.
  • Cooperation procedure: in this case, two certifying bodies work together with one client, but each carry out their own complete procedure to award their respective seals. Both have the client’s authorisation to exchange for information and organise audits – if relevant coordinated on site – to ensure that interviews are only held once. An example for one of these cooperation procedures in an institution is the option to combine ISO-certification with a system or institutional accreditation. You can find more information here.

Details of the Procedure

There are detailed procedural specifications and description of execution for each quality seal offered by ASIIN. These are documented in the applicable guide for each seal:

  • Criteria and procedures for the seal of the German Accreditation Council towards System Accreditation (available for higher education institutions that award degrees under German Law)
  • Criteria and Procedures for the award of the ASIIN System Seal – General Criteria for the ASIN System Seal, Basic Requirements for Good Teaching and Successful Learning.
  • ISO and System accreditation / Institutional Accreditation: we gladly supply the current procedural synopses as requested.