Procedures for Accreditation and Certification

To be able to award a quality seal, we consistently execute a pre-defined external reviewing procedure. To achieve this, it is important that the procedural regulations for a specific quality seal are being followed in all circumstances. This ensures that the review results are comparable and reliable across borders.

Elements of the Procedure for Accreditation and Certification

There are several central elements that are part of every procedure leading to a quality seal, such as:

  • A combination of self assessment and external assessment
  • The use of audit teams, that unite expertise and the view of relevant stakeholders (“peer review principle”)
  • Comparing the programme to be reviewed to pre-defined quality criteria, on which the seal is based
  • The use of pre-defined procedural principles, on which the award of the seal is based
  • A defined path of expert panels within ASIIN up to the seal award decision
  • Consistent and professional procedural support by ASIIN’s full-time staff

These elements are also used in executing the so-called Type 1 evaluations in programmes and courses, that are aimed at the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) of the European higher education area.

ASIIN’s Procedural Model: Individual and Cluster Procedures

We follow a procedural model towards multiple goals:

  1. Custom solutions: every client will receive solutions to efficiently combine internal quality work with external quality assurance measures.
  2. Free choice: each client should be able to select freely which of the national and international seals – and those awarded outside of ASIIN – are to be acquired.
  3. Procedural efficiency: this aims to minimise the effort as well as the internal and external costs for all parties involved.
  4. Transparency: at the same time the criteria for each quality seal are kept transparent, also for third parties. The decision for awarding the seal rests solely on passing the relevant criteria.

With this background, ASIIN has devoted itself to “the principle of relatable procedures”. Each of the offered quality seals is distinct and can be obtained independently. Furthermore, part of this principle is that no criterion will be reviewed if it has already recently been checked in another completed accreditation or certification procedure.

This principle can also include certifications that are not being offered by ASIIN. It is part of our procedural model to develop a concept based on combinations of our procedures and other national or international seals on request of the client.

Conformation to National Systems and Judicial Areas

In the case that ASIIN is executing procedures in countries that have their own national or state accreditation systems in higher education and that have opened these for foreign agencies, it is possible to include the respective national requirements into the quality assurance procedures of ASIIN. We gladly examine all relevant options for your institution!