Seals for Systems and Institutions

Together with ASIIN, institutions can carry out system or institutional accreditation procedures and, providing the requirements are met:

  • obtain the seal of the German Accreditation Council, that is reserved for higher education institutions that award degrees under German Law or
  • be awarded the ASIIN system seal that is offered internationally.

Seal of the German Accreditation Council towards System Accreditation

The seal awarded towards system accreditation by the council for accrediting study programmes in Germany (German Accreditation Council) confirms for the higher institution that its quality assurance system in teaching and learning is suited to achieve the programme’s qualification goals and quality standards.
A higher education institution that awards programme degrees under German law is then authorised to award the council’s seal to its own study programmes.

The German Accreditation Council has named the “higher education institution’s internal quality assurance system in teaching and learning”  the object of system accreditation. Being awarded the seal means therefore that there is evidence that the quality assurance for teaching and learning is conducted in a systemic manner and that it has an effect on the study programmes within a higher education institution.

ASIIN System Seal

The ASIIN system seal confirms that an institution guarantees to fulfil the institutional, procedural and cultural basic requirements for good teaching and successful learning.

Our approach is based on a system of maturity levels for educational institutions that can also be used for institutional accreditation as well as for evaluation and auditing without the award of a seal. This provides a comprehensive description of the development stage of the quality management system of the higher education institution during the course of an ASIIN system seal procedure (also often referred to an “institutional accreditation”).

During the procedure, the client will receive a report highlighting the potential improvement possibilities (“gaps”) leading to a higher maturity level ranking. Based on this assessment, the higher education institution can continue to specifically develop its quality management system regardless of whether the overall maturity level required for the award of a seal has already been reached.

The ASIIN system seal is an international offer and was developed independent of individual national specifications.

If so desired, the offer is also available to German higher education institutions – if relevant in coordination with other system or institutional accreditation procedures - in order to use the insights gained from this approach for further internal development.