Decisions Regarding Accreditation of QM-Systems and Institutions

Below you will find all quality management systems that have been certified by ASIIN. The list is divided into I. Accreditation of quality assurance systems for teaching and learning with the seal of the German Accreditation Council, and II. ASIIN System Seals according to the maturity level model.

I. Seal of the German Accreditation Council for Quality Assurance Systems in the Area of Teaching and Learning (only for Germany)

“Subject of the system accreditation is the internal quality assurance system of a higher education institution in the area of teaching and learning. The structures and processes relevant to teaching and learning are examined to which degree they ensure achieving the qualification goals and the high quality of the degree programmes. This includes making use of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality in Higher Education (ESG), the specifications made at the conference of Ministers of Education and Arts and the criteria of the German Accreditation Council. A positive system accreditation attests to the higher education institution that its quality assurance system in the area of teaching and learning is suited to ensure achieving the qualification goals and quality standards set by its degree programmes.” (translated from Quelle)

Hochschule Offenburg

  • Valid for: entire institution

II. ASIIN System Seal

The ASIIN System Seal confirms that a higher education institution is able to ensure the institutional, procedural and cultural basic requirements for good teaching and successful learning.

International Information Technology University, Kazakhstan

  • Valid for: Entire Institution

Ingenium Education Internationale Fort- und Weiterbildung GmbH, Austria

Studien- & Technologie Transfer Zentrum Weiz GmbH, Austria

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia