Quality Seals for Study Programmes

As a result of a successfully completed programme accreditation procedure by ASIIN, the following seals for study programmes can be obtained.

The Seal of the German Accreditation Council

ASIIN has been approved by the German Accreditation Council for awarding quality seals for study programmes and higher education institutions. ASIIN is thus also authorised to offer the state-approved quality seal of the German Accreditation Council. This seal is reserved for higher education institutions that award degrees according to German law.

The ASIIN Subject-Specific Quality Seal

The ASIIN subject-specific quality seal validates that a study programme fulfils the requirements of science and professional practice in a certain discipline to a high level. It further confirms the provision of a secure set of basic conditions for good teaching and successful learning. The award of the seal is based on learning outcome oriented subject standards and is in compliance with the European Qualifications Framework and the “European Standards and Guidelines”.

The ASIIN quality seal for study programmes applies to the natural and technical sciences as well as their interdisciplinary combinations with other subjects (e.g. business and economics). It focuses on learning outcomes and considers the relevance of academic education to the professional practice. The ASIIN seal is awarded internationally.

ASIIN seal

European Subject-Specific Quality Labels for Study Programmes

Within an ASIIN programme accreditation procedure, it is possible to acquire specific quality seals (labels) for certain subjects in addition to the ASIIN seal.

In such a case, ASIIN is authorised by a European or international association/network to award such a subject-specific quality seal as an addition in the course of the procedure. At the moment, it is possible to request the following subject-specific quality labels for your study programmes:

These subject-related labels can only be acquired in combination with the ASIIN seal for study programmes. The specific, subject –related requirements are included in the relevant Subject-Specific Criteria of ASIIN.