Types of Procedures for Accreditation and Certification

ASIIN is principally dedicated to achieving the highest possible efficiency in its procedures. In all areas, only the necessary effort is to be invested. Every quality seal that we offer always involves a review procedure with certain elements. At the same time there is room to shape the procedure in an efficient manner.

Types of Procedures for Programme Accreditation

Programme accreditations and certifications can involve the following types of procedures. In all cases, the obtained quality seal applies to an individual study programme and is the result of a completed individual decision for each study programme.

Individual Procedure

This procedure is conducted for individual Bachelor or Master degree programmes and/or consecutive Bachelor and Master programmes.

Cluster Procedure

The procedure is conducted for a cluster of (subject-related) study programmes. An audit team evaluates several study programmes within the same procedure.

Two-step Procedure

1st step: Preliminary review of institutional or faculty structural features or models;
2nd step: Cluster procedure for a collection of (subject-related) study programmes based on the 1st step evaluation.

Downstream Accreditation Procedure

Using pre-obtained external evaluation results, on the basis of which it is possible to forgo an on-site visit under certain conditions.

International Cooperation Procedure

Concerning a study programme that involves two or more higher education institutions from different countries, it is possible to conduct a procedure in cooperation with the agency in the other home country.

Details of the Procedure

There are detailed procedural requirements and description of execution for each quality seal offered by ASIIN. These are documented in the applicable guide for each seal:

  • Criteria and procedures for the seal of the German Accreditation Council towards Programme Accreditation (available for degrees under German law)
  • Criteria and Procedures for the ASIIN subject-specific seal for study programmes as well as the European subject-related labels EUR-ACE®, Eurobachelor®/Euromaster® and Euro-Inf® for study programmes (available nationally and internationally)