The procedure described in the following is applied to all quality seals for study programs awarded by ASIIN.

The accreditation procedure is divided into five phases:

1. Preparation and application

The university submits its request by e-mail to the ASIIN office using the request form. Please always include a curricular overview for each study program with your request. The request will first be forwarded to the relevant technical committees. The ASIIN office will prepare an offer based on the recommendations of the technical committees.

2. Self-assessment report and preliminary examination

As a next step, the university prepares a self-assessment report according to the guidelines / template. Before the final submission of the self-assessment report, ASIIN offers a written preliminary examination or a preliminary interview to check the report for formal completeness.

3. Preparation and execution of the on-site visit (audit)

ASIIN puts together a team of experts based on the suggestions of the technical committees and plans the on-site visit in cooperation with the university, which is essentially based on our sample schedule.

4. Drafting of the report

Following the audit, the ASIIN office prepares a report. The university then has the opportunity to comment.

5. Treatment in the ASIIN committees and conclusion

After the comment of the university, the experts issue a final statement and recommendation for the technical committees and the Accreditation Commission. Subsequently, the procedure is dealt with by the responsible technical committee(s) and the Accreditation Commission. The Accreditation Commission makes a final decision. After the procedure has been dealt with in the ASIIN committees, the university receives the final report with the decision.