Memorandum of Understanding between ASIIN and the Tunisian Order of Engineers

The aim of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the establishment of a general framework for collaboration between the Tunisian Order of Engineers (L’Ordre des Ingénieurs Tunisien, OIT) and ASIIN to improve the quality of engineering education in Tunesia and releated external quality assurance and procedures.

ASIIN and OIT to this end work together

  • To advance the internationalisation of Quality Assurance (QA) in Tunisian higher education institutions (HEIs) and regional networks of HEIs.
  • To coordinate QA procedures that lead to the multiple recognition of accredited degree programmes in engineering and other STEM fields.
  • To establish and train a common pool of experts composed of bilingual reviewers (English, French, Arabic and German).
  • To collaborate in cross-border projects aimed at improving and guaranteeing quality in higher education.
  • To share and exchange experience in and information about new methodological developments in QA of higher education.

These activities should support Tunisian HEIs in preparing for an international accreditation procedures and promote the international dimension of QA activities by the participating institutions.

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