Launch of the ASIIN Global University Network of Excellence (AGUNE)

ASIIN launched the "ASIIN Global University Network of Excellence" (AGUNE) on 1 October 2023. AGUNE is an international network of universities that are united by a common understanding of quality. The prerequisite for applying for a membership is a successfully completed accreditation with ASIIN (programme or institutional accreditation). Universities that are currently undergoing an accreditation process can apply for candidate status.

Under the umbrella of the internationally renowned ASIIN brand, the network universities are offered a wide range of opportunities for the exchange of students and lecturers, for the development of joint study programmes and research activities as well as joint activities in the field of internal and external quality management. Annual network conferences area supposed to serve the in-depth discussion of quality-relevant topics in study, teaching and research. The continuous exchange is intended to contribute to strengthening the internal quality management of the network partners and to continuously develop and expand the QM expertise at the universities.

Interested German and international universities can find all relevant information on the ASIIN website, including an application form.

The ASIIN Board is formally responsible for the admission of applicant universities and accepted the first 15 universities at its meeting on 13 November.

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