EASPA: International Day of Higher Education Disciplinary Quality Assurance

Since its founding in 2011, the European Alliance for Subject-Specific and Professional Accreditation and Quality Assurance (EASPA) has provided a platform for the cooperation between the European and international quality assurance networks and international organizations in the development and harmonization of their activities in the field of quality assurance and quality improvement in higher education.

EASPA aims at facilitating harmonization of quality assurance activities in various disciplines to participate effectively in the European higher education area and shape it by promoting European-wide qualification frameworks and learning outcomes. The network thus seeks to address quality assurance concerns across educational, governmental, and public policy contexts, engage in public communications about these matters and promote good practices, knowledge, skills and ethical commitments while emphasizing the value of accreditation in enhancing educational and professional standards

The year 2024 has been earmarked to rejuvenate and strategically reorient EASPA. As a first, but highly important measure, all members, prospective members as well as international guests from Asia, Africa and the United States are invited to the EASPA/ASIIN International Day of Higher Education Disciplinary Quality Assurance in the city of Düsseldorf on April 8th 2024. The whole event with high calibre speakers and multiple contributions of EASPA members will be rounded off by an exciting social program.

The event promises innovative presentations and engaging discussions on topics such as the importance and advance of disciplinary approaches in quality assurance, new ways of jointly offering and marketing continuous education as well as a broad range of successful examples of subject-specific quality assurance.

For further questions or registration, please contact Yanna Sumkötter: sumkoetter@asiin.de

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