EASPA and TUNING sign Memorandum of Understanding

On 1 September 2015, the two Directors of the International Tuning Academy (TUNING) and the President of EASPA (European Alliance for Subject-Specific and Professional Accreditation and Quality Assurance) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The aim of the MoU is to promote and guarantee the quality of higher education degree programmes relevant to society and respecting disciplinary requirements.

EASPA and TUNING set out to work together in the implementation of a disciplinary learning outcome approach in higher education, for example by jointly organizing conferences and workshops to that regard. The two organizations also plan to support each other and contribute to projects and studies in their respective areas of expertise, with TUNING focusing on the development of disciplinary and sectoral frameworks and profiles of reference points and EASPA focusing on external quality assurance.

EASPA is an alliance of disciplinary, field specific European and international quality assurance networks and international organizations. It provides a platform for the development and harmonisation of activities in the field of quality assurance and quality improvement in higher education.

TUNING is a university driving process of higher education reform, organized by the International TUNING Academy, at the level of institutions and subject areas. TUNING serves as a platform for developing reference points and meta-profiles at subject area and sectoral level.

Contact: Dr. Iring Wasser, President EASPA e.V., www.easpa.org

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