Cooperation between the French FIGURE network and ASIIN

Since 2019, ASIIN has been supporting the French FIGURE network (Formation à l'Ingénierie par des Universités de Recherche) in the development and international accreditation of engineering degree programmes. Established with government funding in 2012, the network of now 30 French elite research universities has the task of establishing Master's level research-oriented engineering degree programmes. A special feature of the approximately 100 already-initiated study programmes is their shorter overall length but above-average workload per semester.

On March 4th-6th, 2020, ASIIN and FIGURE organised a workshop in Paris in the run-up to the first joint quality audits at French universities, planned for summer 2020. Senior staff from the ASIIN office discussed the requirements of the ASIIN and EUR-ACE® quality criteria with representatives of various universities and provided guidance on how to best prepare audit documentation.

By putting its study programmes through the internationally recognised EUR-ACE® certification process, FIGURE plans to demonstrate the programmes' compliance with European standards for high-quality engineering degree programmes. As French law prohibits the cooperation with a national agency in this respect, FIGURE has sought out a partnership with ASIIN. ASIIN is one of the 21 member agencies of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE), the network which developed the EUR-ACE® framework and authorizes the award of the corresponding seal.

Higher education institutions in- and outside Europe seeking increased international visibility for their engineering degree programmes can apply for the EUR-ACE® Label in combination with the ASIIN Quality Seal. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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