ASIIN supports Malaysia Board of Technologists with Quality Assurance at Malaysian Universities

As of February 2020, ASIIN is an official cooperation partner of the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT).

MBOT is a Malaysian professional association for "technologists" founded in 2015. Its tasks include the recognition and registration of technology-based professionals. This also includes the implementation of measures related to "Technical and Vocational Education and Training" (TVET), as well as the evaluation of the quality assurance of technical study courses.

In the past years, four "Technical Universities" similar to the German Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen) were founded in Malaysia, offering students practical and application-oriented training (also for engineers). In order to promote the acceptance of these universities’ graduates in the Malaysian labour market, the responsible ministry commissioned MBOT to review the quality and accredit the technical study programmes at these universities.

ASIIN is now to play a key role in this process: with its support, MBOT aims to ensure that the degree programmes offered by the universities are comparable with European degrees. This in turn will contribute to the programmes’ visibility and acceptance among Malaysian employers.

ASIIN’s support will primarily consist of providing additional professional expertise during quality assurance procedures. In joint accreditation procedures, European university representatives selected by ASIIN and ASIIN staff will work closely together with MBOT to ensure European standards are implemented and maintained.

Besides the French FIGURE network and the Catalan agency AQU, MBOT is now the third organisation outside Germany and the first Asian organisation cooperating with ASIIN in the accreditation of local study programmes in the STEM fields.

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