Umbrella Organisation of German Engineering Associations

The ZBI is an organization that pursues the following objectives: helping engineers to work in their chosen field and strive for development; observing and propagating a code of ethics for the engineering profession; representing engineering work and its significance for society; ensuring that experts and competent specialists are present in public technical authorities; achieving more flexible civil service career regulations and ensuring that positions are filled according to ability and performance; protecting the legal position of engineers and supporting them in social and professional matters, providing support for fair remuneration for the services of architects and engineers, contemporary course material for study programs in engineering with reasonable consideration of practical experience, improving the transparency of the higher education system, updating the graduation system to allow for retention of existing diplomas and inclusion of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, promoting professional qualifications through institutes of higher education, companies and trade associations, international collaboration on the national FEANI Committee, establishing right of establishment for all engineers in the EU, intensive influence on parliament and the government, bringing the expertise of engineers to bear in political decisions, keeping the lines of communication open with other engineering associations and working together with the Chambers of Engineers, representing the needs and objectives of the association, and keeping member associations informed.