ProcessNet – an initiative by DECHEMA and VDI-GVC

ProcessNet is the German platform for process engineering, chemical engineering and technical chemistry. Over 5,000 members from academia, industry and administration meet to share experiences, discuss current issues and identify new scientific trends.

ProcessNet is a joint initiative of DECHEMA and VDI-GVC. ProcessNet organises numerous events with the aim of scientific and cross-industry information exchange, including the annual ProcessNet annual meeting with well over 1,000 participants.

In a variety of thematically structured committees, scientific-technical problems and topics of great technical and social importance are addressed as well as funding activities are initiated.

ProcessNet is the national point of contact for international cooperation, for example with the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE). Participation in ProcessNet is possible for all members of DECHEMA and / or VDI-GVC.

Within ProcessNet, the division of Education and Innovation with their assigned committees takes over the quality assurance related to higher education. For example, qualification frameworks for engineering programmes at universities and universities of applied sciences are developed and published. These qualification frameworks serve as a major support for programme planners at universities and accreditation organisations. In addition, teaching profiles and memoranda are developed in order to keep and strengthen the position of technical chemistry and biotechnology in the education.

ProcessNet considers the work of the accreditation organisations as an important element of quality assurance at universities and supports in particular ASIIN by nomination of experienced reviewers as well as through active participation in the ASIIN committees.