Institution of German Engineers

The Institution of German Engineers (Zentralverband Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.-ZDI) was founded in Munich on 11. January 1969. Within Germany ZDI represents 1.800 members, together with its affiliated associations like Association of German Architects (Verband Deutscher Architekten e.V. VDA), Union of Consulting Engineers (Union Beratender Ingenieure e.V. U.B.I.-D.) and Association of Freelance Engineers (Bundesverband Freiberuflicher Ingenieure BFI).

The Institution of German Engineers ZDI gets involved with the interests of engineers to reach betterment of the economic and substantive frame conditions. We as ZDI exert influence directly and indirectly on the decision-making of social and political boards on the national and European level, without being party politically involved. On this basis we especially lobby for the interests of the small and medium-sized engineers offices, their owners, their employees and freelancers.

Our objectives are:

  • Preservation of independency for the freelancing engineer
  • Fostering of activities of engineers in all sectors
  • Public relations as part of better understanding of the general public about the functions of an engineer with respect to the benefits of the community
  • Consultation and exchange on the community and governmental level
  • Cooperation with national and international engineering associations
  • Preservation of the high education standards of engineers and promotion of continuing professional education
  • Exchange of experience about commonly interesting questions
  • Consultation and support of members

ZDI is divided in three sections:

  • Section I: Freelance Engineers
  • Section II: Employed and Officer Engineers
  • Section III: Other Engineers and Supporting Members

Why becoming a member of ASIIN?

  • Quality and its preservation is an essential part of engineers’ work. Therefore the application of ISO 9000ff is general consensus. In the field of higher education it needs an equivalent quality assurance, which has to be done by the different accreditation agencies and their respective accreditation procedures.
  • The importance of accreditation has not been recognized for long time in Germany. Therefore it is even more important now to accredit systemically in addition to the accreditation of single study programmes. Concerning life long learning and professional development it is moreover necessary to also certify and accredit parts of study programmes, courses, modules and even micro modules.
  • With its focus on the so called MINT-sectors ASIIN, in our opinion, is presenting the appropriate accreditation agency for our engineers. As these engineers are working not only in their own country but also in Europe and worldwide equivalent standards in engineering education are essential. ASIIN confirms with its professional quality seals that the generally acknowledged result-oriented learning outcomes stay in row with the European qualification frames and the “European Standards and Guidelines”. Our professional association’s interest is that accreditations and certifications follow the principles of objectivity, validity, confidentiality and transparency. ZDI as a founding member of ASI(I)N still wants to actively foster the work of ASIIN so that its outcomes come up the high demands or our engineers.