German Physical Society

The German Physical Society e. V. (DPG) is a non-profit association and serves "exclusively and directly the physics" according to its statutes. It is subdivided into several divisions and thematic groups and offers its more than 60,000 members various forums for networking and exchange.

In addition, it also addresses an interested public and tries to sensitize them to scientific ways of thinking and to make them aware of the importance of physical findings.

The DPG also strives to make the expertise of its members fruitful for social life and to incorporate it into general debates.
The DPG is a partner of numerous national and international organisations. With the "Physikzentrum Bad Honnef" it operates an internationally renowned conference centre. Its member journal, the "Physik Journal", is the largest German-language physics journal.

According to the DPG's statutes, the promotion of young physicists is a special concern of the DPG. The DPG is therefore strongly committed to ensuring the quality of university education in physics and to the careful design of the corresponding curricula. Against this background, it has also been a member of the ASIIN since 2005. In addition, the DPG works closely with the Conference of Physical Departments at German Universities(Konferenz Physikalischer Fachbereiche - KFP), which makes a significant contribution to aligning the content of physics degree courses with the same criteria nationwide.