German Council of University Faculties in Engineering and Informatics

The four faculty associations Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering (FTBGU), Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FTEI), Informatics (FTI) and Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering (FTMV) have joined in 2006 as the 4ING Faculties. This association represents around 2.500 university professors, 15.000 employers and scientific assistants and 150.000 students at 60 German universities.

4ING Faculties are representing the interests of engineering sciences at universities. 4ING Faculties stay in dialogue with all actors in the academic and scientific community - both national and European. At the center of activities is the promotion of the quality of teaching and research, such as the development of recommendations for Bachelor's and Master's programs, the preservation and the quality assurance of the engineering doctorate and the continuation of a differentiated system with universities and universities of applied sciences.

4ING Faculties have closely linked with ASIIN from the beginning and have been involved in recommendations for accreditation. They recommend a strong consideration of the subject-specific criteria in the accreditation. It is important that the quality assurance of study programs is a peer reviewed process with the essential involvement of external reviewers and on the basis of recommendations from the relevant expert communities. 4ING Faculties are therefore particularly committed to the development and application of subject-specific qualification frameworks at European level. Especially in Germany the members of 4ING Faculties are involved in the development of subject-specific qualification frameworks that can be used in program and institutional accreditation at the request of the university to strengthen the consideration of subject-specific criteria.

To emphasize the importance of professionalism in engineering in the processes of accreditation, 4ING Faculties have in 2015 joined a strategic partnership with the deans’ Council of Universities of Applied Sciences (KFBT), the Faculty Association of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNFT), and with ASIIN.