German Chemical, Mining and Energy Workers Union

Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energie (IG BCE) is a young trade union with roots steeped in tradition. Formed in 1997 through the fusion of three trade unions – IG Bergbau und Energie, IG Chemie-Papier-Keramik and LEDER – IG BCE represents the interests of those employed in a variety of sectors. Today these include mining, the chemical industry, power supply industry, natural gas, glass, India rubber, ceramics, leather, paper, plastics and environment industries as well as water management, utilities and waste management and the non-metallic materials industry. The IG BCE is the third-largest trade union in the German Confederation of Trade Unions and a respected reformist in Germany. Its goals are equal opportunity, equal rights, and the improvement of living and working conditions in a social market economy. It understands the terms solidarity and social justice as being equal and as prerequisites for freedom and individuality of every person in society. The IG BCE is very committed to the fields of research, science and education. Representatives of the organization work together in assorted bodies for promoting education and research. In connection with the Hans Böckler foundation, the IG BCE supports projects that promote the right of determination, research and study programs. At an early stage IG BCE was already devoted to ensuring the quality standards in higher education as one of the founding members of ACBC and a member of ASIIN.