German Chemical Association

The VCI represents the political and economic interests of 1,700 German chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as German subsidiaries of foreign enterprises in contact with politicians, public authorities, other industrial sectors, the scientific community and the media. The VCI is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.

The German chemical industry is number one in Europe and number four worldwide. A good quarter of Europe's chemical turnover and almost one in four European chemical workplaces are accounted for by German companies. In Germany, chemistry is one of the most important economic sectors. The industry has a turnover of around 204 billion euros (in 2018) and employs some 462,000 people, of which almost one in ten worked in research and development.

With liaison offices in Berlin and Brussels, the association is close to federal parliament and government as well as to European institutions. There are eight regional associations active across the country. Many of the member companies have also joined together to form a total of 27 sector groups and sector associations, who are corporate members of the VCI. A committed advocate of the internationalization of higher education in Germany, the VCI is especially interested in the quality assurance for the new Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs in the fields of chemistry and pharmacy.

As quality assurance requires proper and knowledgeable program- or system- accreditation by independent accreditation agencies, with expert appraisals supplied by experienced experts from the field, the VCI is a member of ASIIN.