German Association of Certified Surveyors

The BDVI is a voluntary association of publicly appointed surveyors in Germany which represents its members' consolidated interests effectively. Publicly appointed surveyors are highly qualified surveying experts. As appointed liberal professionals, they fulfil official tasks on behalf of the state and are thus functionally equivalent to an administrative authority. For example, they carry out official cadastral surveys and may perform attestations and issue certificates. Since publicly appointed surveyors carry a lot of responsibility, the way they perform the tasks is defined in the professional code.

In view of the further integration of Europe, the BDVI sees one of its main tasks in promoting the standardization of surveying and professional law. The association in particular wants to strengthen individual professionals as part of public surveying, at the same time promoting overall interest of the publicly appointed liberal professionals. Quality assurance is a key part of all geodetic work and is elementary and indispensable for higher education and the education of young professionals. We therefore explicitly support accreditation using the FEH of ASIIN e.V. Its special expertise is also an important reason for BDVI’s membership in ASIIN.

In close cooperation between the state accredited institutions of higher education, professional associations and building and construction chambers, a subject-specific qualification framework (FQR_GG) was developed for the departments of geodesy and geoinformation. The main objective of the FQR_GG is to ensure the professional qualification of graduates of Bachelor and Master degree programs in Geodesy and Geoinformation in Germany, attaining transparency by describing the equivalences and differences of qualifications. The framework supports the evaluation and accreditation of study programs and facilitates the development of curricula.