Executives’ Association of the Chemical Industry

The Executives' Association of the Chemical Industry (Verband angestellter Akademiker und leitender Angestellter der chemischen Industrie e. V., VAA) is one of the most important professional associations of executives in Germany. Almost 28,000 scientists, engineers and businessmen working in responsible positions in the chemical industry are members of the VAA. As a professional association the VAA takes on to represent the interests of the executives of the chemical industry. On a political level the VAA promotes the interests of executives in fiscal, social and environmental policy as well as in labour legislation. A comprehensive representation of the different sectors of the chemical industry is achieved by a settlement of wages, in addition to talks and negotiations with other organisations of the chemical industry. While doing so the VAA represents all executives - non regarding their professional training - in the chemical industry Independently from any possible interests in the companies or those of the works' group there, counsel is given individually and confidentially to VAA members by our staff members in the office. By informing students and graduates of chemistry as well as those of engineering sciences on the subject of the chances of employment and career opportunities in the chemical industry the VAA is also involved in university work. In its political work the VAA is being supported by the “Deutscher Führungskräfteverband” ULA, which is the German Union of Managing Employees and the umbrella association of the VAA. Moreover, the VAA is part of the European network of managing employees as it is a member organisation of the European Federation of Managers in the Chemical and Allied Industries (FECCIA) and of the European Confederation of Executives and  Managerial Staff (CEC).