Association of German Industrial Engineers

The Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V. (VWI) (Association of German Industrial Engineers) was founded in 1932. Its headquarters are in Berlin. With the aim of supporting industrial engineers in interdisciplinary fields of activity, the VWI has established itself as the leading association of industrial engineering and now has over 6,000 members – and the number continues to increase.

The VWI offers all industrial engineers a platform to exchange views, discuss current topics, share experiences and make contacts. This allows networks to form between the association's members as well as those interested in business, science and society. The focus is on specialist interdisciplinary topics. The VWI's active members are organized in the federal team, in competence networks (working groups), university groups, regional groups and alumni groups.

VWI joined ASIIN in 2018. This was preceded by a two-year strategic partnership with the ASIIN in cooperation with the 4ING Faculty Conference, the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty Conference and the Conference of Faculty Conferences. As a member of the ASIIN, the VWI wants to further develop functionalities and professionalism in the system of existing qualification frameworks for the higher education system. For while it was possible to achieve a "Europeanization" of the criteria (learning outcomes and competence profiles) for almost all academic cultures, the industrial engineers were left out. This is where the VWI in the ASIIN actively advocates rethinking the inclusion of industrial engineering.