Expert Groups

The basis for every accreditation decision is the review of the respective study programme or higher education institution by a professionally suitable and proven expert group, which is made up of representatives from higher education institutions, business/professional practice, and the student body.

ASIIN has developed special training programmes to prepare experts for participating in accreditation procedures. The training consists of two parts and includes, on the one hand, the offer of specific, periodically recurring workshops for experts and, on the other hand, informal mentoring in which inexperienced and experienced experts work together in preparation of specific procedures.

When selecting experts, ASIIN makes use of its expert pool, into which potential new reviewers are admitted on the basis of defined criteria (e.g. academic qualification, areas of expertise) and usually on the suggestion of member organisations or other relevant institutions. Following the nomination of the experts by the respective Technical Committee, the composition of the expert team is reviewed in the specific case by the ASIIN Accreditation Commission and the expert group is officially appointed. When nominating experts from the student body, the student accreditation pool for procedures in Germany is usually included.

Before they start their work, all experts must commit themselves to treating procedure-related information confidentially and not to pass it on to third parties. In addition to the submitted application documents, the obligation to confidentiality also applies to the information collected in the course of the accreditation procedure.

Here you can find more information about the expert teams.