Professionalisation of Self-Governance at Higher Education Institutions – Full-time Deans and General Managers (Module PS)


The majority of managers in German higher education institutions, meaning deans, subject area and programme managers, have always come from a scientific professional background. Based on the rotation principle, they temporarily take over management responsibilities and after that they return to a position in research and teaching.

The question is, whether the changing management and strain on the individuals will be sufficient in a future where the higher education area is increasingly competitive, or whether there is a need for making strategic decision for full-time leadership.

So far, full-time deans and general managers in faculties and subject areas at German higher education areas are a rarity, however there is a clear trend to be observed towards professionalisation, not only at the top of the institution, but also at the subject level.

This workshop will be informative on the tasks and requirements of these new positions and will provide help for making decisions and for implementing such structures.

Leading to what?

These are the learning outcomes that we would like to reach with you…

  • You know a number of decision-making criteria, to decide if it makes sense to choose a full-time position over a rotating management position for professors in your area.
  • You can formulate the advantages and disadvantages of full-time management for your area at the intersection between research, teaching and management as well as between subject cultures at the higher education institution and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • You understand and plan the professionalization of academic leadership positions as a change process within the framework of internal human resources development and organisational development, which benefits the positioning within the competition of higher education institutions.
  • You are able to derive an appropriate job profile from the competence requirements and tasks of a full-time leadership position.



  • Competency profile of a full-time manager in faculties, subject areas, subjects, programmes and institutes
  • Understanding and division of roles as well as change management in management structures for the academic units
  • Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of professionalization with other decision-makers/planners from various higher education institutions
  • Questions regarding suitability of internal or external candidates
  • Creating a requirement profile for full-time managers in the practical sense



The workshop is aimed at participants with planning and decision-making responsibility in higher education institutions and their organisational units.

Chair, Input and Moderator

Dr. Sabina Fleitmann is a member of the ASIIN Consult competence team and independent organisational consultant for higher education institutions and associations. She advises on strategic organisational development and on expert panels and human resources management as well as on implementing concepts of “good teaching”. She also offers seminars and workshops on these topics. She combines her competence in organisational development and teaching with numerous practical experiences in higher education and associations:

As part of a teacher training programme, she worked as a lecturer, teacher in Bachelor and Master degree programmes and as seminar chair for many years. She has also contributed to the conceptualisation of new degree programmes also in MINT-subjects, and focuses on active and interactive teaching and learning. Moreover, she worked as a personal advisor and press secretary for the president of a higher education institution for Music.

For years, she has implemented competence in leadership and practical organisational development in various positions in cultural management and being active as a general manager of a professional association. As general manager, she has participated in accreditation procedures from the perspective of an external professional practitioner.



We combine elements of presentation and training as well as discussions and jointly work on case studies from the daily practice of the participants. We aim for interactive work with the “right” mix of professional input, moderating and interaction, while building on your experience for the mutual benefit of all participants.

The workshop chair gladly uses case studies and questions from your industry in the preparation of the workshop.

When and Where?

The workshop can be booked as an exclusive in-house event. Duration, location and date will be chosen based on your needs. Please contact Dr. Iring Wasser. (; Tel. +49 211 900977-10).


The costs will be calculated based on duration and number of participants.


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