Recognise, Demonstrate and Manage Processes in a Higher Education Institution (Module PZ)


Why we offer this workshop…

On the path towards systematic management of the quality in education and research that your institution produces, you would like to or have already started to implement process management. But which are our most important processes? What are critical success factors for implementation and execution of process management? Which conditions and requirements are to be observed? Is it really possible to control the relevant processes in your institution?

This workshop is designed to make you more familiar with process thinking and acting, and help you recognise and manage your processes.

Leading to what?

These are the learning outcomes that we would like to reach with you…

  • You know the benefit and understand the function of process management in an institution. You know the conditions for planning, executing and steering processes.
  • You are able to define the roles and tasks of the various office holders in the design and steering of processes.
  • You have practised visualisation of processes (tools) and their possible applications.
  • You know the critical success factors and obstacles in a higher education institution that lie between a print-ready process documentation and the dynamic process reality.



  • Goals and usage of process management – thinking in processes
  • Implementation of process management suitable for a higher education institution: process team, process owners, process map, role of QMB, involvement of office holders and expert panels, participative and needs-driven promotion, release of processes, IT-support with high user-friendliness.
  • Process design (modelling, types of description, visualisation, Ist and Soll processes)
  • Process management (office holders, instruments, criteria and specifications for results)
  • Success factors and obstacles in implementation in the institution. The path to being a learning organisation.



This workshop is aimed at staff members responsible for design, implementation and realisation of process oriented quality management in a higher education institution, as well as for the structural further development on all levels.

Chair, Input and Moderator

Prof. Dr. Johann G. Janssen has been involved – originally a professional in the field of chemistry and having had industry leadership positions for many years – in the development of the process-oriented quality management approach for over 10 years. This approach allows the institution to do justice to their organisational and cultural characteristics. As a university professor, he knows the positions of the dean, the vice-dean, the academic dean and the evaluation officers from experience. His position as TQM assessor allows him to see the organisational development within companies to this day. He has lead many projects in both higher education institutions and companies.



We combine elements of presentation and training as well as discussions and jointly work on case studies from the daily practice of the participants. We aim for interactive work with the “right” mix of professional input, moderating and interaction, while building on your experience for the mutual benefit of all participants.

The workshop chair gladly uses case studies and questions from your industry in the preparation of the workshop.

The Series

This module is part of the workshop series “Bring QM into the Higher Education Institution!”

Part of this series are these modules:

All modules can be booked individually or as a series of your choice.

When and Where?

The workshop can be booked as an exclusive in-house event. Duration, location and date will be chosen based on your needs. Please contact Dr. Iring Wasser. (; Tel. +49 211 900977-10).


The costs will be calculated based on duration and number of participants.


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