Project QM with a Higher Education Institution – Managing implementation (Module PJ)


The objectives are clear, the main actors are in agreement: quality in research and education must be further improved and the supporting processes for this must become more effective. A quality management system must be created within the higher education institution, which means identifying the building blocks and enhancing these with new ones. It is clear who should be responsible for what. And then, the “only” thing left is to put plans into practice.

Without effective management, a project such as this would be too expensive, too lengthy, too difficult and would be slowed down by resistance within the institution. It would be in danger of failing due to the lack of or failed project management. The desired benefit would not only fail to materialise, the failure would also lead to frustration of the staff involved as well as to unnecessary expenses.

The workshop about project management of QM implementation in your higher education institution is aimed to help you deal with critical success factors and obstacles for the plans.

Leading to what?

These are the learning outcomes that we would like to reach with you…

  • You believe in project management as the central building block for project success
  • You are able to oversee the elements of effective project management at a higher education institution
  • You learn how to apply essential project management instruments that contribute to the success of your plans, while taking into account the conditions within a higher education institution.
  • You know possible success factors and obstacles for QM implementation in a higher education institution and you have collected ideas to bypass these.
  • You have designed a project structure plan and a rough timeline with milestones for the implementation of a QM system.



  • Management of change and reorganisation projects: QM implementation versus managing implemented processes
  • Methods for project management (structuring and planning, monitoring deadlines, project controlling, documenting, project meetings, tools): project structuring and time planning with milestones for the implementation of a QM system at a higher education institution by working in groups
  • Project organisation and execution (system, division of functions, measuring progress)
  • Division of roles in (QM) projects at a higher education institution
  • Success factors and obstacles for (QM implementation) projects in higher education institutions.



The workshop is aimed at staff of a higher education institution, the management and board that are responsible for the realisation of (institutional) projects, especially for the implementation of quality management.

Chair, Input and Moderator

Dr. Bianca Lichtenberger brings many years of experience in leadership and project management for change and process management as well as organisational development in higher education institutions, further education institutions, industrial enterprises and in accreditation. Presently, she works as a consultant and trainer for higher education institutions, mainly in Switzerland and Germany, where she is engaged in interim management or the implementation of process management. She is also involved in the operational or staff management support of strategic and organisational projects. She is a member of international educational political expert panels, ASIIN auditor and assessor for EFMD and AQUIS accreditations.



We combine elements of presentation and training as well as discussions and jointly work on case studies from the daily practice of the participants. We aim for interactive work with the “right” mix of professional input, moderating and interaction, while building on your experience for the mutual benefit of all participants.

The workshop chair gladly uses case studies and questions from your industry in the preparation of the workshop.

The Series

This module is part of the workshop series “Bring QM into the Higher Education Institution!”

Part of this series are these modules:

All modules can be booked individually or as a series of your choice.

When and Where?

The workshop can be booked as an exclusive in-house event. Duration, location and date will be chosen based on your needs. Please contact Dr. Iring Wasser. (; Tel. +49 211 900977-10).


The costs will be calculated based on duration and number of participants.


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