Instruments, Methods and Tools for Successful QM in the Higher Education Institution (Module IN)


Within your higher education institution, you would like to move from individual quality assurance activities towards organised quality management. This raises the question, which instruments and methods you would want to retain, which you want to apply in a new way or which you may even want to or must invent new.

How can you achieve an optimal mix of instruments and methods for quality management in your higher education institution, and one that consistently prevents “data graveyards” and “bureaucracy overkill”?

This workshop is to help you find your way through the jungle of helpful systems, instrument sets, toolboxes, IT solutions, etc.

Leading to what?

These are the learning outcomes that we would like to reach with you…

  • You know that strategy, general management and process management in your higher education institution cannot be successful without “measuring” (instruments/methods). This is the approach towards quality-oriented management.
  • You are able to develop a procedure to select suitable instruments or methods for QM that are appropriate for the specific needs of your higher education institution.
  • You know which critical success factors to take into account when applying the instruments/methods.
  • You will get a “method compass”, which allows you to navigate through the problem of instrument/method selection for your higher education institution from the start.



  • Overview of the most well-known QM methods and their significance for successful quality management in higher education.
  • Systemisation of the most common QM methods by using templates (objective, description, approach, application/usage, literature)
  • Adaptation of selected QM methods for higher education based on case studies and reflection on their application.
  • Provision of a compendium of QM methods (method compass)
  • Problem-focused application of QM methods and a systematic approach for selection and use (critical success factors)



This workshop is aimed at responsible persons for the design, implementation and realisation of quality management at all levels of the higher education institution.

Generally, the participants bring various backgrounds and experience with quality management. Therefore, we offer the workshop on two dates, respectively focusing on participants with experience in QM and participants who are newcomers to QM. At the same time, there is no “exact” distinction and we invite you to join the group that fits your schedule, even when it is not necessarily the group that you would have chosen initially. The workshop chair will conform to your specific interest as much as possible.

Chair, Input and Moderator

Dr. Konstantin Petridis is a graduated chemist, who has professionally focused on the topic of quality management over the last 20 years. Coming from the industry and working as lecturer and project manager in higher education as well as department manager and general manager in the DGQ (Gruppe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Qualität), he has gained a solid overview of QM approaches in various private and public sectors. In this capacity, he has also designed training and further education programmes on QM.
Due to his continuing honorary engagement in QM expert panels in business, public administration and higher education, his insight in QM challenges and development is up-to-date. Currently, Dr. Petridis is mainly active in a leadership position of a large public administration organisation. He is also ASIIN auditor and panel member, Lead-Auditor and EFQM assessor.



We combine elements of presentation and training as well as discussions and jointly work on case studies from the daily practice of the participants. We aim for interactive work with the “right” mix of professional input, moderating and interaction, while building on your experience for the mutual benefit of all participants.

The workshop chair gladly uses case studies and questions from your industry in the preparation of the workshop.

The Series

This module is part of the workshop series “Bring QM into the Higher Education Institution!”

Part of this series are these modules:

All modules can be booked individually or as a series of your choice.

When and Where?

The workshop can be booked as an exclusive in-house event. Duration, location and date will be chosen based on your needs. Please contact Dr. Iring Wasser. (; Tel. +49 211 900977-10).


The costs will be calculated based on duration and number of participants.


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