The ASIIN Academy: Conferences, Workshops, Training

Our service area Academy holds our range of conference formats, workshops and training sessions. Both ASIIN entities – ASIIN e.V. as well as ASIIN Consult GmbH – contribute to these.

Our Conferences: ASIIN Dialogues

ASIIN regularly organises public or private conferences on selected themes in the field of quality work in and for higher education. These events promote the dialogue between various participants of education and accreditation systems.

This interaction results in initiatives for further development of criteria and procedures, which allows ASIIN to make the quality of educational programmes and institutions more transparent.

Internal ASIIN “expert conferences”, serve to promote interaction between expert panel members, auditors and the ASIIN main staff. They serve as discussion forums, a place for reflection on common work and provide a direction for dealing with future themes.

Customised Workshops & Training Sessions

We gladly support quality and organisational development in higher education institutions by offering individually customised seminars.

If you are interested in a customised training offer, we will discuss:

  • your in-house needs
  • the target audience
  • envisaged scope and available time
  • Basic information for design and presentation
  • If necessary, external experts

Based on this, we will then prepare a non-binding offer for customised workshops and training sessions.

Workshop Series

We organise a series of workshop concepts about quality work in higher education that can be booked as in-house seminars.

In these seminars and workshops, we work together with established external experts that have designed them and conduct them under the ASIIN name: the experts are experienced trainers, that have familiarised themselves with your chosen theme in part by years of personal analysis.

These series or individual training sessions can also be implemented in European or international externally funded projects. They can also serve as building blocks for consultancy projects regarding organisational and quality development in educational institutions.