Criteria for Type 1 evaluations: Quality assurance of studies and teaching according to ESG

For this type of evaluation, we usually use the appropriate ASIIN criteria as a benchmark, which also form the basis for the accreditation or certification of educational offers (programs, modules or courses) or of educational institutions. The procedural principles from these criteria documents are also applied - to the extent that they are transferable to evaluation.

Furthermore, we would be happy to check for you whether we can design a Type 1 evaluation for a academic study program or your institution based on a set of criteria of a third party - e.g. a governmental or international institution. All criteria used for a Type 1 evaluation must be ESG-compliant. This conformity is checked by ASIIN during the preparatory phase. Under this approach, only evaluations that relate to academic study programs or universities can be carried out.

Instead of a seal or certificate, the conclusion of such an evaluation is an expert opinion that provides information on the extent to which the study program complies with the selected quality criteria or which weaknesses can be identified in this respect.

After our consultation with you, we will provide you with an offer for your evaluation assignment, which will include a description of the evaluation criteria used and the planned procedural steps.

Type 1 evaluations are subject to the ESG

For Type 1 evaluations, we organize the procedure for you in such a way that the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) are covered. In these cases, this also includes the publication of the evaluation reports.